I was born in Switzerland, but spent most of my childhood in Norway. My fascination with clay started early. I used to dig in the clay rich soil in our garden in a suburb to Oslo and shape it into small wobbly bowls and cups before drying them in the sunshine. As a teenager I took the interest a bit further and took up ceramics evening classes where I was introduced to throwing. The techniques I learned here are still part of my own teaching today. I went on to study Product design with ceramics specialization at Hogskolen i Akershus, avdeling Blaker. After a short apprenticeship during the summer months in the pottery at the norwegian Folk Museum in Oslo, I came to England in 1994 on an Exhange programme with  Manchester Metropolitan University and graduated in  3Dimensional Design in 1995.

After years of having retail studios at various art centres in, I now work from a purpose built studio in my garden.

My current collection of contemporary domestic Ceramics is strongly influenced by my impressions from the winter landscapes in Norway. When the snow covers trees, rocks, paths and architecture; any sharp edges become soft and everyday shapes may become unrecognizable. I have tried to bring the same feel to my work with a range of wavy vases and softly distorted beakers, bowls and bottles. The colour range is reflecting the many tones of snow and ice and winter skies.

The work is produced using a potter’s wheel, but then cut and reassembled to non circular shapes or given soft dimples or bumps. I use a combination of food friendly glazes on the inside and barium based glazes on the outside and fire the work to stoneware temperatures. I mix all my own glazes using basic materials and oxides.

on the wheel2